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We are almost spent more than a year for a good construction company. Finally, our search ends once we met Vijay(Creative Builder). Vijay had in-depth knowledge in the construction field which I felt the day I met him. Once the project kick-off, you will enjoy each phase of your dream house without any compromising. To be more precise Creative builder can be defined in few words. Professional, Trustworthy, well managed and promised on-time delivery.


Vijay & Creative builder team completed my madipakkam building ( 3200 Sqft) on time with pretty design with competitive rates ( within My budget). He is very much accommodative for all the changes we have requested during the construction time. His team supported in all aspects from demolishing the old building to house warming ceremony, BIG THANKS to them. Trustworthy team and we can rely on their commitments. We are also looking forward to working with Vijay’s team shortly in another project.


Vijay from Creative Builder was very professional all through the project, from beginning to end. The project was well planned, implemented and delivered on-time, without any delays. Creative Builder helped me turn my dream into reality. Thank you!


Its been a wonderful journey during construction. our dream home has come alive as we dreamt. Quality of work was top notch. Thank you so much for your enormous efforts..


When we entrusted the construction work of our house to Mr.Vijay of M/s Creative Builder in the year 2017, he was a total stranger to us. But after having discussions with him & visiting his ongoing projects, we found that he is the right person. His father also being in the same field, we found that he has got the inborn talent, passion & energy to make achievements in the field which made my husband decide in his favor. Our house was handed over to us as per schedule & to our satisfaction without any problems for which we sincerely appreciate Mr.Vijay. His commitment to work is commendable & I wish him all the best to achieve greater heights in the industry.


1. On-time Completion
2. Timely communication on progress
3. Good exposure to the latest trends and providing suggestions
4. Shown his expertise in estimating quickly while asking for any changes and upgrades
5. Always ready to accommodate the changes 6. No compromise in Quality.
7. Never had quarrels during project execution.


Mr. Vijay is an exceptionally talented and highly skilled Engineer that I have come across. After holding consultations and site visits with more than a dozen experienced builder, I chose to entrust my project to this young and relatively less experienced Engineer, in the year 2014, simply because he had the appetite to do something big and innovative. True to my expectations this young Engineer took a keen interest in conceiving, constructing and completing our dream house, a duplex villa, in MCN Nagar Thuraippakkam in a quick time within our budget. If anyone wants to build a perfect house with aesthetic design then Mr. Vijay should be their choice. After signing the construction agreement we seldom visited the site to oversee the activities because of the confidence and trust we had in him. We simply relaxed while he took care of all our needs. He gave us daily report at the end of the day and again he would start work the next morning after informing us about what he intends to do. We are overwhelmed by his drive, dedication, determination, and discipline. He is a real pleasure to team up. He possesses amazingly creative ideas which we need to exploit to the hilt. We are immensely happy and extremely thankful to Mr. Vijay for the great job he has done and wishes him success in all his endeavors.


I am simply running out of words in describing the level of amazing work you have rendered us! Being it the Construction, the Architectural Design and the Interiors, You have amazingly replicated our dream house, Thank you! it means a lot.


Creative builder will be my Builder and Interior Designer of choice having engaged them in 3 of my projects. They have been very thorough in Planning and Execution. Their ability to work within customer constraints providing us options at every stage of the execution is the best part. Professional approach to work, Exceptional delivery capability and takes up end-to-end ownership meeting customer requirements and preferences. Will be my choice for any future work and recommend to prospects without any second thought.



It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation in support of Creative Builder. I had met with numerous builders before selecting and deciding on Creative Builder. I can honestly say that from our first meeting with Vijay and after seeing a few of his buildings, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of their workmanship. They are certainly outstanding professionals whose excellent work merits recognition. Vijay brings the following to the table • Extensive building construction knowledge and experience • Strong work ethics and integrity • Hard working, polite, respectful and dedicated trades of people • Excellent communication, expectation setting, and interaction skills • A cost-effective approach with customer satisfaction • Rigorous project oversight • Impeccable results On a personal note, Vijay made our commercial building experience a pleasurable one. He exceeded the level of customer service/satisfaction we were expecting. I want to thank him for his willingness to meet with us on many different occasions to either change or add to our building detail. We had done two projects with them and the third one in the pipeline To summarise, we have deep admiration and respect for Creative Builders and I would highly recommend them for your upcoming project.


Food, Dress and Shelter are the essentials for human. Food and Dress are recurring needs, which we can buy regularly. Shelter is a standing asset, which should be designed to satisfy many of our needs. Everyone will have a dream about their house, but only few get their dream house designed and constructed inline with their requirements and dream. I am one such lucky person, got the help from Kaliyuga Mayan, Vijay the great. Mayan is the celestial architect who used to build your dream of mahals or houses with more thoughts and innovation. Vijay is also a Mayan, built the dream house perfectly. Satisfying my father in-law is not an easy joke. Vijay and his father made my in-law, an admirer of their construction, architecture and approach to client. No words are in my dictionary to convey and show my gratitude for the wonderful work Vijay did for us. I wish him all the very success in all his assignments. Great job Vijay.

Vice President, Standard Chartered

Dear Mr Vijay,
I wish to put on record our appreciations for the efforts and professionalism shown by you and your team in completing our Project” Vaikuntam” at Manapakkam Chennai in May2022 in a record time, inspite of the Covid related difficulties during the year 2021. Quality of materials and workmanship was always adhered. Offering and implementing your ideas to enhance the overall aesthetics is also appreciated .
I am also happy to inform you that so far, in our neighborhood, our new building stands as a signature building, among the new ones which have come up recently. I can recommend your company to anyone who wishes to have a professional and experienced team for their building projects .

Mr.Shekhar Murthy - Manapakkam Project

L & T - (Retd Engineer)

My brother-n-law introduced and recommended Mr. Vijay after ascertaining his good performance from his friends. We were told about his sincerity and neat execution of work. We just believed and did not inspect any of his projects. In the course of the construction we found that what was told about him was 100% true. Mr. Vijay promised he would complete the construction (Measuring around 3200 Sq.Ft) within 8 months. We did not believe it and thought it was his business talk. But when the construction was started we realized that he was able to complete the construction as promised. Unfortunately corona and non-availability of bricks / sand affected his work schedule. However he was able to complete the construction and handover the building within a reasonable time. We appreciate his sincerity and speed at which the construction was carried out. He was very receptive and patient whenever we made changes in the plan. He executed the work very neatly and to our entire satisfaction. We wish him more and more projects and prosperity in all his projects


Who am I?
I am Puraikalan. A retired mechanical engineer who worked for 37 years in the private sector. Additionally, I have a strong understanding of civil engineering. I am passionate about house construction.
Was there a dream I had?
Everyone dreams of building their own nest. The same applies to me. It was possible for me to fulfill that three decades ago. Due to problems encountered during rainy days, I’ve recently realized that my house needs to be reconstructed. The old house needs to be demolished and I want to build a new one for my granddaughter.
What do I know about Creative Builders?
In 2015, I did much research about builders because my elder daughter and son-in-law were planning to rebuild their house. We contacted creative builders. All of us were pleased with Mr. Vijay. The quality of his work is always appreciated due to his extensive knowledge of engineering.
What motivated me to contact Creative builders again in 2020?
Due to Vijay’s extensive engineering knowledge, his work is always of the highest quality.
What is my project?
The plan was to build a 5750-square-foot home on my land in Pallikaranai. The journey to achieve my dreams was made with Mr. Vijay’s help.
What is the strength of Vijay?
Engineering is a strong foundation for him, and his father has a wealth of experience in the same field.
He had such patience. The pandemic did not stop him from adhering to all my suggestions and meeting my standards.
Being an engineer in quality assurance for three decades, it’s not easy to meet my expectations. In addition to meeting my expectations, he went above and beyond.
His entire team performed well.
On-time completion of the house as agreed.
What would be my wish for him?
Wishing him good luck and success in his future projects. My strongest recommendation goes to him.

Mr.K.PURAIKALAN - Pallikaranai Project

Rane group (Retd. mechanical engineer), private sector


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